Rescue Equipment Technical Specification

Made of environmentally benign, foam filled, rotation cast polythene.

Length - 335cm
Width - 63cm
Weight - 30kg
Buoyancy 300kg (approx.)

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1. Handle
To pull, push and carry the board. For the victim(s) to hold on to.
2. Safety Line
23m throw line with attached weight/floatation device, increasing the reach to the victim. Secure contact with the board in case the rescuer has to leave the board during the rescue operation.
3. Peep Hole
Facilitates visibility into water
4. Hand Straps
Extra grab handles for rescuer/victim(s). Easy to grab by the victim allowing him to hold on or assist climbing onboard. Several people (up to 8) can hold and keep afloat around the board.
5. Safety Belt
Harness to secure the victim onto the board.
6. Accessory Bag
For storage of small items (such as 10, 11 and 12)
7. Double Paddle
To paddle the board as a kayak on open water (The board can also be paddled with your arms while lying on your stomach)
8. Telescopic Ice Pike / Rescue Hook
Ice pike to check thickness of the ice combined with Extendable Hook to hold the victim.
9. Securing Line (300m)
To secure the board at shore or to accompanying boat. Helps rescuer to quickly pull the board back for immediate attempt at rescue/enable resuscitation. The line floats.
10. Thermo Bag
Emergency thermal bag. Combined blanket and bag to cover the victim. Used when the victim is in shock. Provides added protection against rain, wind and cold. Radar and heat reflecting protection body bag. Aids insulation of victim. Serves as wind cover. Full length zipper for easy use.
11. Ice Picks
Facilitate movement over thinner ice. The rescuer lies on his stomach on the board and pulles himself forward. Can also be used by the victim to pull himself from the water onto the ice.
12. Light Stick
Break-stick light. Shines with a yellow-green glow for about 30 minutes. To mark position of person or place. Works equally well under water. Can be used for signalling.





Peep Hole Accessory Bag Hand Straps Safety Belt Double Paddle Emergency Thermal Bag Telescopic Ice Pike / Rescue Hook Ice Picks Light Stick Securing Line Safety Line Handle