Water Rescue Board Video

To the right is a 1min 46sec (5mb) Video clip showing the Mayday-Hansa water, mud and ice rescue craft in action.

Time is of the essence when an accident occurs and this is especially true when it comes to rescue attempts in water. It takes courage, skill and dependable equipment to quickly get to a person in distress.

Using the Mayday-Hansa-Board a rescuer can quickly and safely save someone in difficulty. The board is lightweight and handy and can be easily carried to the scene of the accident, regardless of types of terrain and water - through undergrowth, snow, open water, over ice that holds and ice that does not carry, to the edge of ice, along quays and embankments etc.

Once at the scene of the accident the rescuer pulls the person in distress up onto the board which can be pulled ashore by assisting personnel.

The board can also be used as a sleigh or stretcher.

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